Dragonlance Utah


Theodenes returns (D’argent) to tell the party about the dragon eggs. Dharmokh submits himself to the justice of the knights for his dishonorable acts at the High Clerist Tower. Gunthar sways the tribunal to punish Dharmokh by putting him in charge of the whitestone forces as penance. They travel to sanction, sinking a pirate boat on the way. Dharmokh uses his dragonarmy status to get them inside and moving freely. Bridlesnap finds the shadow people. They go into the temple and find the eggs being turned into draconians. They use misleading portal (or whatever) to lock the eggs off from the rest of the place and rescue them. The shadow people teleport them to the Dragon Isles. The dragons ride to war. The party, with dragonlances, destroy the opposition as the other dragons destroy every last dragonarmy member in the city. Reinforcements arrive. The good dragons, the Kagonesti, Qualinesti, free peoples, and the Knights of Solamnia now stand poised under the command of Dharmokh, with the blue lady and all the dragon armies before them.



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