Dragonlance Utah


Elistan is stuck down into a coma and begins a war with Verminaard. Party goes into Thorbardin, meets the dwarves. Meet the people. The thanes try to get them to get the Hammer of Kharas. They agree to help the king of the Hylar so he can become the high king and has the authority to allow the refugees passage. They go to Derkin’s tomb. They meet the gold dragon, masquerading as kharas. They fight Ember. Ember damages the tomb, enraging the gold dragon. Party rushes back. They are attacked by dark dwarves and the dragon army in a temple. They beat on Verminaard. Dharmohk, on the other side, become evident to Halithar as one chosen by Paladine. Dharmokh switches sides. Verminaard falls to his death. The refugees are allowed through.



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