Dragonlance Utah


Party goes to Tarsis to get passage for refugees. Finds no ocean there. They meat Alhana Starbreeze and Derek crownguard and Minky. A mysterious old man leads them to a library. They discover that there’s a dragon orb on Summerbane Island (now icewall glacier). Tarsis is attacked and Gilthanas, Dharmokh, Minky, Bridlesnap, Derek, and Elistan end up outside their inn. The inn is burned down with the others inside, although someone escapes on griffins. They leave the city, but sneak back in and find the ring of some Derek’s dead friends. They head to icewall. They meet the barbarians and save them from minitaurs and walrus men. They get to icewall, kick but, fight dragons. Sleet dies, I believe. They get the dragon orb. They repair a ship and head north.



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