Dragonlance Utah


Party’s ship is attacked by a white dragon. They crash on Southern Ergoth. They are captured by Sylvanesti, then again by Qualinesti. Laurana ends up back with family. Theros and the Kagonesti Silvart rescue them. Bridlesnap becomes convinced Silvart is a dragon. They head north. They meet a group that’s been killed by sivaks, who are now wearing them as a disguise. They track the group. They meet an old man in the woods, who gives them candy. They head to foghaven and meet Theodenes the gnome. They find the tomb of Huma. Dharmokh finds Huma’s medalion of faith. They find the D’argent’s treasure, and while Bridlesnap is convinced it’s Silvart’s, Theodenes subtlely convinces them to leave. Fun with wind tubes. They climb the silver dragon monument. They meet the bird people and heal the chief’s son. They head inside after the draconians. They fight a lot of fights and stop the bad guy from corrupting the silver pool. Vanderjack doesn’t betray them (am I remembering that right?) They start Theros back making lances, and head north to safety.



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