Dragonlance Utah


They travel by sea to the High Clerists tower, because that’s where they seem to be needed the most. They go to the Whitestone Council and escape with the dragonlances and the orb. The captain gives them a third of the crown of Yarus. They arrive at Palanthas, then travel on. The High Clerist’s Tower is in a bad way. Dharmokh begins building up the peasants. Bridlesnap infiltrates the other side. They rescue a bunch of gnomes and make it look like they all died. They go into the tower, rebuild the crown, and restore Yarus. They find wear to use the dragon orb, but don’t dare. The blue lady attacks, and almost beats them. Aurik is demoted and Derek promoted to the head of the tower. The blue lady attacks again, and they lose but do better. The head of the Sword is demoted and Dharmok put in his place. Derek tries to attack. Dharmokh convinces the tower to mutiny. Derek goes out with only his knights. Soth returns his body, pinning him to the tower with his dragonlance. Soth then says he’ll withdraw because of the man’s great courage and honor. Dharmok is promoted to head the tower, Minky is brought in to head one of the knighthoods. The blue lady attacks. Elistan uses the orb while Bridlesnap is poised to kill him if he sucumbs. The dragons are killed, the draconians routed. Yarus helps in the battle. The Blue lady retreats.



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