Dragonlance Utah

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Various stuff happens that I don’t remember well. They fight hobgoblins and realize that something is going on. Flint Fireforge dies of a heart attack. Tanis starts drinking and falls apart. Caramon and Raistlin are at loose ends. Tasselhoff wanders off.


Sighn’s father shows up and tries to kill him. Party members die. Sighn is trapped by his father who tries to steal all his magical ability. Sighn waits as long as possible before breaking the spell, causing a backlash that will kill his father, earning his white robes. Fistandantalus tries to help Singh for a part of his soul, but Singh refuses. Fistandantalus helps just a little bit anyway. Sighn finds out it’s all his Test. Singh gets the staff of magius. Raistin doesn’t become the chosen mage. Singh gets his flame pattern paint job.


Halithar gets blue crystal staff. Party heads to Haven. Meets Elistan. They travel east and end up in Xak Tsaroth. The party is captured. Bridlesnap rescues them. They find the Dragon and force the confrontation on the street in front of the temple. They kill the dragon. They escape.


Party returns to Solace. They find the place held by the dragon armies. They sneak in and save Theros. Some of them get captured and some don’t. Singh follows them and allies with elves to attack the slave caravan. They rescue the slaves and return to Qualinesti. Bridlesnap hears the tactical situation and suggests they attack Pax Tharkas to delay the dragon army. Laurana is captured by Toade. Gilthanas joins the party. They head to Pax Tharkas, rescue the slaves, and cause Flamestrike to fight Ember. Halithar heals Elistan.


They lead the refugees into the woods. Bjorn uses his mad missionary skills to convert Elistan. They steal honey from the giant bees. Fizban makes a snow fort. They find the hopeful vale. Ebon Shatterstone becomes a leader among the refugees. They go to skull top. Ass kicked by skeleton warriors. Shadow Dragon things Singh is Fistandantalus.


Elistan is stuck down into a coma and begins a war with Verminaard. Party goes into Thorbardin, meets the dwarves. Meet the people. The thanes try to get them to get the Hammer of Kharas. They agree to help the king of the Hylar so he can become the high king and has the authority to allow the refugees passage. They go to Derkin’s tomb. They meet the gold dragon, masquerading as kharas. They fight Ember. Ember damages the tomb, enraging the gold dragon. Party rushes back. They are attacked by dark dwarves and the dragon army in a temple. They beat on Verminaard. Dharmohk, on the other side, become evident to Halithar as one chosen by Paladine. Dharmokh switches sides. Verminaard falls to his death. The refugees are allowed through.


Party goes to Tarsis to get passage for refugees. Finds no ocean there. They meat Alhana Starbreeze and Derek crownguard and Minky. A mysterious old man leads them to a library. They discover that there’s a dragon orb on Summerbane Island (now icewall glacier). Tarsis is attacked and Gilthanas, Dharmokh, Minky, Bridlesnap, Derek, and Elistan end up outside their inn. The inn is burned down with the others inside, although someone escapes on griffins. They leave the city, but sneak back in and find the ring of some Derek’s dead friends. They head to icewall. They meet the barbarians and save them from minitaurs and walrus men. They get to icewall, kick but, fight dragons. Sleet dies, I believe. They get the dragon orb. They repair a ship and head north.


Party’s ship is attacked by a white dragon. They crash on Southern Ergoth. They are captured by Sylvanesti, then again by Qualinesti. Laurana ends up back with family. Theros and the Kagonesti Silvart rescue them. Bridlesnap becomes convinced Silvart is a dragon. They head north. They meet a group that’s been killed by sivaks, who are now wearing them as a disguise. They track the group. They meet an old man in the woods, who gives them candy. They head to foghaven and meet Theodenes the gnome. They find the tomb of Huma. Dharmokh finds Huma’s medalion of faith. They find the D’argent’s treasure, and while Bridlesnap is convinced it’s Silvart’s, Theodenes subtlely convinces them to leave. Fun with wind tubes. They climb the silver dragon monument. They meet the bird people and heal the chief’s son. They head inside after the draconians. They fight a lot of fights and stop the bad guy from corrupting the silver pool. Vanderjack doesn’t betray them (am I remembering that right?) They start Theros back making lances, and head north to safety.


They travel by sea to the High Clerists tower, because that’s where they seem to be needed the most. They go to the Whitestone Council and escape with the dragonlances and the orb. The captain gives them a third of the crown of Yarus. They arrive at Palanthas, then travel on. The High Clerist’s Tower is in a bad way. Dharmokh begins building up the peasants. Bridlesnap infiltrates the other side. They rescue a bunch of gnomes and make it look like they all died. They go into the tower, rebuild the crown, and restore Yarus. They find wear to use the dragon orb, but don’t dare. The blue lady attacks, and almost beats them. Aurik is demoted and Derek promoted to the head of the tower. The blue lady attacks again, and they lose but do better. The head of the Sword is demoted and Dharmok put in his place. Derek tries to attack. Dharmokh convinces the tower to mutiny. Derek goes out with only his knights. Soth returns his body, pinning him to the tower with his dragonlance. Soth then says he’ll withdraw because of the man’s great courage and honor. Dharmok is promoted to head the tower, Minky is brought in to head one of the knighthoods. The blue lady attacks. Elistan uses the orb while Bridlesnap is poised to kill him if he sucumbs. The dragons are killed, the draconians routed. Yarus helps in the battle. The Blue lady retreats.


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